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One Day Leadership

£295.00 + VAT

Inspire, Lead & Develop Your Team is the theme of this intensive but fun 1 day course. Covering a multitude of topics it is aimed at existing managers who want to find their Leader Within, helping them to inspire their teams to greater things.

Venue: Camberley
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Fast Track To Management

£1,495.00 + VAT

A 4 day workshop over 4 quarters covering a host of subjects specifically designed for up and coming employees whom you have identified as potential future managerial candidates.

Venue: Reapit London
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Lead To Succeed

£2,295.00 + VAT

Helping people to achieve their true potential.

This experiential course commencing in July 2018 is for existing managers and directors wanting to take the next step in their development journey. An award winning course has received rave reviews from everyone having attended it.

Venue: Hill Holt Wood
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Inspirational Leadership – The Leadership Challenge

£4,995.00 + VAT

For Company Owners and Senior Directors. This 7 month retreat is Designed for existing leaders or managers who want to improve or accelerate their ability to lead, influence and inspire their teams to exceptional results.

Venue: Hill Holt Wood.

Venue: Hill Holt Wood
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